is achievable

You don't always have to start from scratch.

Tailor-made web development is what we do best. We love every new challenge as the next, and try to extract common patterns. This has left us with a collection of solid building blocks to play with, plus a sense of what makes a web project great.

About Us
What do we provide you?

Thanks to our outsourcing experience, every engineer in the world is a potential employee for us.
We find and assign the most suitable developer for your project from our large pool of engineers.

Project management is an art for us.

You will know every detail of the project and you will not spend extra time on it. You will be surprised how fast the process is completed with our planning-oriented approach from start to finish!

The most important advantage of working with different companies and sectors is that we are constantly in touch with the latest technology. Here, we are always up to date and we think about how we can apply it to you.

Your development means our development.

At the end of each sprint, it is our best habit to go over the work done with you!

When starting the project, we divide our plan from "Welcome" to the last point into sprints via Jira (or another project management tool of your choice) and you know what we will do at the "n" moment from the very beginning. In every 2-week sprint periods, we go over these works and in a possible scenario, we can intervene just in time, without being late.

ITaaS = IT as a Service

It means, leave everything to us and you can spend time on other things. Let us work like an IT department completely subordinated to you, we will be responsible for all your IT work and you just focus on the result.

When you start working with

  • The best engineers for your project
  • Accurate and fast HR process thanks to a large pool of engineers
  • Transparent, flexible and well-planned project management
  • Always the latest technologies
  • Weekly Reports
  • 7/24 Support

When you start working with
Your Own Team

  • The best engineers for your budget
  • Loss of time and motivation in finding the right engineer
  • Project management that can turn into a crisis at the slightest problem
  • New technologies dependent on working engineers
  • Weekly Reports
  • Support during Working Hours

Our advanced engineer pool is at your service!

We bring you together with the most suitable engineer without the need to spend time with HR processes.

You can even add this engineer to your staff after a 6-month trial period!

What is the Developer Acquisition Program?

Enough about us. Now it's your turn.

We look forward to working with you and sharing our knowledge.

If you wish, you can contact us by filling out the form on the side or you can set up a meeting.